This week, we reviewed the technical achievements of MetaFinance in its first anniversary. At the same time, DAPP new version is in full development, it will go live shortly after MFI output reduction, which you can understand in advance in this design diagram.

The node competition will continue after 20 periods. We found some problems with blueprint plans being exploited by speculators. Now, there are 6 addresses that will be updated next week with less data for the same private key of both chains to comply with its real rules.


Good evening, everyone. Thank you for joining us tonight in the grand anniversary of MetaFinance. My name is Daniel Santos, the lead architect of MetaFinance. I think many of you guys already know me.

It has been a phenomenal year for me, for MetaFinance, and for the DeFi world…

In November 2020, MetaFinance officially launched, building a massive cornerstone community and leads the development of decentralized finance. Since the launch of the new website, the technology community has focused on algorithm optimization and product design and has not made extensive disclosure because we want to make sure 100% information…

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the exclusive MetaFinance Ambassador Program. We are inviting all MetaFinance followers and supporters to join our movement to bring revolution to decentralized financial space.

At MetaFinance, we value the DAO governance, and we always put the community as our NO.1 priority. …

Moderator: Could you please share more about why we did this rebranding? What benefits it may bring to the community?

Daniel: Sure. As I explained in previous AMAs, MetaFinance was started as a side project. We completed proof of concept and went straight into developing the DAPP and that’s the…

Hi MetaFinance fans,

As you may know that we are working day and night on MetaFinance V2 and rebranding. Great news is, we have already made significant progress and here are some we would like to share with you!

New Website Is About To Be Launched

We are thrilled to…

  • How to buy $MFI?

$MFI are currently listed in (CEX) and Pancake (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). So you.

  • On which blockchain $MFI is deployed on?

$MFI is currently available on HECO, BSC, and Ethereum.

  • What are the smart contract addresses?

MFI-BSC: 0x808f1350dff684c099f4837a01d863fc61a86bc6

MFI-HECO: 0x54353526eade905d0d5849ea7d0936f86ca17da3

MFI-ETH: 0xEaDC218Ac4cB7895a5A56e6484646b48f841C45a

  • How…

Moderator: Thank you for attending the latest AMA in the MetaFinance X Bagels. Today, we have invited Emily, the CMO of Bagels Finance. Let Emily introduce herself first!

Emily: Hello, everyone. I’m Emily, the CMO of Bagels Finance. I’m based in Silicon Valley, US. I used to work with quite…

MetaFinance, MetaFinance aims to create a one-stop DeFi service hub so users are able to get everything They need in DeFi done in one place.

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